A precious cocktail made from Vodka, Cognac, and mixture of fruity flavors.

Aposia brings together 7 ingredients chosen with the utmost rigour of the masters of French chai.


From French wheat, it is distilled 7 times continuously.


Cognac is made from grapes grown themselves in the Cognac region, in France. It must undergo a minimum aging 2 years to qualify for the appellation Cognac.

Mixtures of fruity flavors

Our flavors are purely natural.

  • Natural aroma of fresh grapes
  • Natural aroma of lychee
  • Natural aromas of pineapple
  • Natural aromas of citrus fruit
  • Natural aromas of orange zest

We get:

  •  Nose: pleasant aroma of exotic fruits,
  •  In the mouth: a mixture of lychee, pineapple, and fresh grapes
  •  Length: a hint of ripe citrus



Precious our 7 ingredients, the accuracy of our recipe selection, and the experience of our masters of french chai, give Aposia a delicate, distinguished and unique liqueur.